Occupation: Electrical Engineer, former IndyCar team intern and race winner!

What I love most about Formula 1: Motorsport is the perfect marriage of engineering and athletics, and F1 is the apex of that intersection. To win, both driver and constructor must be at the top of their game. To dominate, an entirely different level of mastery is required, from either or both...
My favorite driver is: Fernando Alonso. Though I also admire Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, James Hunt, Pato O'Ward, and Carlos Sainz (both of them!)
Race weekend rituals: Watching at home on the TV, I'll order a small meal and maybe pray beforehand. Watching in-person, I may actually fast then get a nice dinner afterwards. Either way, the most important thing for me is to be able to watch and talk shop with family and friends! Afterwards I'll either go karting or play some Gran Turismo, the racing vibe sticks with me for a while!
I'd most like to attend: Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi, the two current closest things to a "home race" for a Syrian Angeleno like myself!
I subscribed to RACEWKND because: I appreciate the artistic direction in terms of photography and graphic design, and have also enjoyed their collaborations (well done on that album cover!)
June 18, 2023 — Magnus Greaves