Occupation: Creative director.

What I love most about Formula 1: The strategy.

My favorite driver is: I'm diggin' Lando right now. I just like his attitude and energy.

Race weekend rituals: Pre-Covid - F1 Breakfast at my house. Coffee and crepes during pre-race and then watch the race with all our friends. Post-Covid - F1 Family breakfast. Everything is the same, but with no friends. Just me, the wife, and my 2-year-old boy watching all the "fast cars."

I'd most like to attend: Montréal since it's my "home race" and probably the only one I will be able to afford to go to one day. Monaco would be something else. I would love to take my son to a different race every year. Wouldn't that be the dream!

I subscribed to RACEWKND because: Because I think F1 deserves more mainstream attention and as a creative person I want to be part of the growth and success of your brand. I think it is awesome and I like to support creative likeminded individuals.

May 21, 2021 — Magnus Greaves