What I love most about Formula 1: The unknowns, that constant aim for perfection that you can clearly see in each and every single member of any of the top teams, and I just love learning about the most technical side of driving from the very best drivers in the world!

My favorite driver is: Lewis Hamilton.

Race weekend rituals: Every single session of each grand prix I watch it with my mum, while I text my friends who are also fans of Lewis on Instagram or WhatsApp. And for both quali and the race, apart from watching the official broadcasting on TV, I also keep an eye on the telemetry that's available for fans to see on the F1 App, while watching Lewis' onboard on my laptop.

I'd most like to attend: Monza and Silverstone.

I subscribed to RACEWKND because: I'm part of the partners program. I'm a massive fan of F1 photography, and the selection of pictures you made is just amazing! The lighting, the colors, everything is perfect. I love the size of the magazine, the quality of the paper. And especially because I haven't had the opportunity yet to attend a grand prix and I plan to do so hopefully in the near future, I found particularly useful the guide to so many grand prix destinations you included in part two of the first issue!

April 24, 2021 — Magnus Greaves